Baba Sobha Singh Ji Sodhi, Anandpur Sahib

Baba Sobha Singh Ji (Anandpur Sahib) was given the duties of this institution upon the heavenly abode of Bhai Daya Singh Ji. Baba Ji was very high-spirited Sikh. While taking care of Anandpur Sahib, he fulfilled all his duties. He has done Darshan of many Singh Shaheeds like Baba Deep Singh Ji and Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji.

Baba Sobha Singh Ji was born in the Sodhi clan at Anandpur Sahib.  When Ninth Guru of Sikhs- Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji started inhabiting at Anandpur Sahib, many other local Sikhs made their homes closer to the main Gurudwaara complex. Members of the Sodhi clan moved closer to Anandpur Sahib from various parts of Punjab.

One day Baba Sobha Singh Ji pleaded at the feet of Guru Gobind Singh Ji for Amrit. Guru Gobind Singh Ji replied, “I myself have taken Amrit from Five Beloved Ones. You should stop thinking about any new Mantara. Do meditation, recite sacred hymns and do selfless service (Seva) which will help you in following the right path in life. And if you want to take Amrit, you should go to Bhai Daya Singh Ji.”

Following the order given by Guru Ji, Baba Sobha Singh Ji went to Bhai Daya Singh Ji. He requested humbly in front of Bhai Daya Singh Ji for the sacred nectar i.e. Amrit and to make him also join the royal Sikh community. Then Bhai Daya Singh Ji blessed Baba Sobha Singh Ji with Amrit and made him understand Sikh Rehat Maryaada. This was the turning point in Baba Sobha Singh Ji’s life. He used to get up very early in the morning and get bathed. Then, for a lot of time he uses to indulge in ‘Naam Abhiyaas’ sitting on the banks of the river.

In order to eliminate the doubts of his mind, one day Baba Sobha Singh Ji asked Bhai Daya Singh ji about the path of the Shabad-Surt. Bhai Daya Singh Ji agreed and said that Guru Ji’s one holy prophecy was to be completed. One day when Guru Ji was sitting in Mauj, told Bhai Daya Singh Ji that he is going to become a teacher. Bhai Daya Singh Ji has acknowledged himself with the Brahm and attained Brahmgyaan (a position at which spirit becomes one with lord Waheguru). And Bhai Sahib has learned that the purpose of divine light is within the soul. The seed which is in the image of knowledge (Gyaan) is going to become a plant one day all over the Punjab. The Samprada of Bhai Daya Singh Ji was to be flourishing and to be known world-wide one day. Bhai Daya Singh Ji said that the words that came from Mukhwaak of Guru Sahib Ji are going to be accomplished.

Baba Sobha Singh Ji got the knowledge from Bhai Daya Singh Ji that the way of the Shabad-Surt is Satsangat (company of holy people) and seva (selfless service). The Langar arrangements must be conserved for the Sangat and one must be acknowledged with the other’s pain as if they are their own so as to get rid of it. Baba Sobha Singh Ji after listening to Bhai Daya Singh Ji’s teachings folded his hands humbly in front of him and said, “Mahapurusho! Blessed is Guru Gobing Singh Sahib Ji and blessed are you Bhai Daya Singh Ji who tried to follow the true teachings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. You have done Darshan of true Guru and contain the same qualities. Das will try to uplift the messages, teachings and philosophy that you blessed me with. These teachings shall never be forgotten by me. ”

Baba Sobha Singh Ji was embraced by Bhai Daya Singh Ji in an affectionate hug. There was a vibration in the body hair of Baba Sobha Singh Ji. And all the body hair of Baba Sobha Singh Ji was saying ‘wah wah’. It seemed that the souls of both Mahapurakh meet in one. Bhai Daya Singh blessed Baba Sobha Singh Ji and put his hands on the head of Baba Sobha Singh Ji in utter love. Bhai Daya Singh Ji said- “In future, if someone will ask for the blessing of Amrit. They will enlighten the name of Guru Maharaj in all the four directions. From this point of time, Baba Sobha Singh Ji life was totally changed. The early morning hours of Baba Ji would be spent in singing daily routine prayers (Nitnem) and the remaining day was spent in serving the congregatin (Sikh Sangat) with the Langar. Baba Ji would himself ask everyone to not leave without eating Langar. Being a member of Sodhi clan Baba Ji knew about the illnesses and their medication. So he would assist the Sangat with same.

After the heavenly abode of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Bhai Daya Singh Ji, Baba Sobha Singh Ji along with local Sikhs has done Seva of Anandpur Sahib Ji. With the continuation of restoration work of Anadpu Sahib Ji Baba Sobha Singh Ji became famous among the Sikh community. Thousands of Sikhs would come to Baba Ji in order to seek meditation and blessings. Sikh Sangat would consider Baba Ji as treatment of sorrows and pains.

Once a man possessed by a demon was brought to Baba Sobha Singh Ji. This man has not even reached the complex of Gurudwaara Anandpur Sahib, he started saying that, “Please don’t take me to such a high spiritual being. I am nothing in front of his powers and i won’t be able to respond in front of him.”

On listening to all this Baba Ji asked who had come. The demon inside the man replied that, “I am the grandson of the demon of Bathinda.”   Having heard this Baba Sobha Singh Ji was highly enraged. Baba Ji have seen him Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji taking this demon out of a person. Baba Sobha Singh Ji said in a trembling voice, “I do remember you. If you are the grandson of the demon that was taken out, then I am the grandson of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. Let us see how strong you maintain yourself are?”  The man possessed by the demon became unconscious and fell down on the floor. The man was reformed.

Baba Sobha Singh Ji Sodhi had cured and destroyed the pain of many devotees and Sikhs. It’s commonly accepted amongst members of the Sodhi Clan around Sri Anandpur Sahib that Baba Sobha Singh Ji was one of the greatest men to have taken birth in the Sodhi Clan. They would give by their hands and wish for the well-being of others. Baba Ji devoted their whole life into helping others and performing Par-Upkaar. Baba Ji inspired 1000′s to take Amrit and join with the Guru – Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It was through the seva of the Sangat and the Guru-Ghar that Baba Ji’s amazing life on the earth would come to an end.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh