Baba Sahib Singh Ji (Bedi), Una

Baba Sahib Singh Ji (Bedi) was born on Sammat 1812, Panchmi, Chet Sudi, Aitwaar (Sunday). Baba Ji was born in Una Sahib at Amritvela in the house of Baba Ajeet Singh Bedi and Mata Saroop Kaur. Baba Ajeet Singh Ji was at Sri Patna Sahib, when he received the news about the birth of Baba Sahib Singh Ji. After hearing this news, Baba Ajeet Singh Ji made Karhaah Prashaad and offered it at the lotus feet of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Baba Sahib Singh Ji was brought up in a Gursikh manner by his family and he started practising meditation from a very young age. Even the teachers of Baba Sahib Singh Ji were very much acknowledged by the fact that he was a divine being with godlike qualities. Whoever meets Baba Ji would be able to experience those special qualities.

The soul of Baba Sahib Singh Ji was very thirsty for the nectar Amrit. Baba Sahib Singh Ji reached Sri Anandpur Sahib following the orders of Sardar Natha Singh. Reaching there, Baba Sahib Singh Ji requested humbly in front of Baba Sobha Singh Ji to administer him with the nectar Amrit. After receiving the blessing of Amrit and Waheguru Mantar from Baba Sobha Singh Ji, Baba Sahib Singh Ji asked Baba Sobha Singh Ji the path to obtain Waheguru Ji. Baba Sobha Singh Ji said that, “You already belong to Bedi clan which is already a very high position, and then you have been blessed with Amrit, Rehat Maryaada and Waheguru Mantar. What else do you wish for?” Baba Sahib Singh humbly replied with the folded hands, “I wish to be assisted in the same way in which Guru Gobind Singh Ji assisted Bhai Daya Singh Ji.

Baba Sobha Singh Ji has understood that the successor to the blessed leadership of this lineage has arrived. Baba Sahib Singh Ji was asking for the gift himself. Baba Sobha Singh Ji knew that Baba Sahib Singh Ji was not only worthy of the leadership of this institution, but he was also going to add to its greatness. Baba Sahib Singh Ji was blessed by Baba Sobha Singh Ji with the treasure of knowledge and spiritual wisdom of Bhai Daya Singh Ji’s Samprada. The next head of Samprada was declared Baba Sahib Singh Ji and Baba Ji had become imbued in the name of Waheguru. Baba Sahib Singh Ji’s name started glorifying across the Sikh community.

A few Sikhs of Kashmir took Baba Sahib Ji with them. The philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was preached by Baba Sahib Singh Ji amongst the Kashmiri Sikhs. They were taught by Baba Sahib Singh Ji to meditate on Waheguru Ji’s name, to work with their hands honestly, to share the excess with poor and needy and to live their life without fear and hatred. Baba Sahib Singh Ji came to know during this period that his father has left for heavenly abode at Sri Patna Sahib. Bhai Sahib Singh Ji after completing the Bhog of Sehaj Paath, arranged a large Langar for Sikh Sangat.

From a very young age Baba Sahib Singh Ji was living in a Grahist (household) Jeevan. Bhai Sahib Singh Ji continued to follow the path of Sikhi by joining Sikh Sangat and at the same time he used to maintain his Grahist Jeevan also. During this period of time, emperors like Abdali, Duraani, Mughal’s, Pathan’s and shortly afterwards the British engaged in atrocities and robberies of civil people. Baba Sahib Singh Ji knew that the pain will be caused to the Sikhs of Guru Nanak by all this. He was acknowledged that the land which is blessed by Gurus will be ruled over by the corrupt rulers and governments. Several weapons and horses were collected by Bhai Sahib Singh Ji at Shri Una Sahib while doing the preparation. Baba Sahib Singh Ji would get up in the early hours of the morning and would do the meditation for hours, then would request Rababiye Sikh to do Kirtan and would join them himself. Baba Sahib Singh Ji had become so attached to Waheguru Ji that he would not eat and drink for a long time and would not feel hunger or thirst. From very starting, Baba Sahib Singh Ji used to eat very little.

One day Baba Ji sat in Samaadhi outside and did not rise. The morning passed, then evening and then night but Baba Ji did not rise. Three days had passed the same way but Baba Ji was not awake. Then the third day a land-owner had prepared a meal for Baba Ji. But seeing Baba Ji sitting in Samadhi, he did not feel right to awake Baba Ji from his Samaadhi. But decided in his mind that he will also eat his meal with Baba Ji, otherwise he will also not eat anything. After two hours, Baba Ji opened his eyes and told that devotee to bring that meal. Baba Ji told the devotee that, “We had decided to meditate on God for longer hours, but seeing your love and devotion I decided to grant your needs and wants.” The holy men use to pray for the well being of their Sikhs when they get happy over the love and devotion of the Sikhs.

With the blessings of Baba Sahib Singh Ji, Baba Khuda Singh Ji’s birth had taken place. While travelling to Delhi, once Baba Sahib Singh Ji stopped at Shamnagar. The Sardar’s of this town had done Seva of Baba Sahib Singh Ji with utmost devotion and love. Sardaar Natha Singh was the head Sardaar. When Baba Ji was about to leave on the second day, Sardar Natha Singh humbly folded his hands in front of Baba Sobha Singh Ji and requested for the blessing of a child as they didn’t have any. Baba Sahib Singh Ji said to his Ardaasiya Sikh to do Ardaas in order to bless Sardar Natha Singh with a child. After the Ardaas was done Baba Sahib Singh Ji said, “Sardar Natha will definitely have a child” . Few years after this incident Sardar Natha Singh become a father of a holy-child. that child was famous with a name called ‘Baba Khuda Singh Ji’. Baba Khuda Singh became a very high-spirited Sikh who was renowned in the whole Sikh community.

Those were the blessings of Baba Sahib Singh Ji that Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji was blessed with Sikh empire and its kingdom. Travelling from Rawalpindi Baba ji heard the news that Sardaar Maha Singh Gujranwale of the Shukrachariya Misl had passed away and Dastaar-Bandi would be given to Ranjit Singh. Because of his deep visions (Door-Drishti) Baba Ji already knew about the future of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji. Baba Sahib Singh Ji arrived at Bhog ceremony, where the mother of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji brought him to Sahib Singh Ji Bedi. She told Baba Ji that his son is too young and still missed some qualities for being a leader of the army. She requested for the blessings and protection of her child. Baba Sahib Singh ji said, “O mother the path of your brave son cannot be crossed by the river Sindh itself. Victory will be attained by him and no one shall be able to defeat him. The true Guru is accepted by you and so your protection will be done by Guru Nanak Dev Ji himself.”

Baba Sahib Singh Ji Bedi put a Talwaar around Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji’s neck during Dastaar-Bandhi. This is the reason why life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji has been always in high-spirits. Seeing the hunger across Punjab, Baba Sahib Singh Ji donated thousand rupees in the Langar Seva. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji captured Lahore and Pishaawar at the same time. One day, Baba Sahib Singh Ji met Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji and said, “how sad is it that each Sikh of Punjab has all the essential things about household at their respective homes but there is no money for Daal and Roti in Langar. If we cannot preserve Langar Seva on the land of Guru Nank Dev Ji Maharaj, then what can other communities expect from us?” On hearing this, 1000 acres of land was donated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji in the Langar Seva of Gurudwaara Nankana Sahib. Even today, that piece of land is preserved in the name of Langar.

In this way, the teachings and philosophies were spread in all-over Punjab by Bhai Sahib Singh Ji Bedi Una Waale in all corners of Punjab. Discourse sessions were held and Sikh Center’s were opened across Punjab. These Center’s are known as Damdama Sahib Baba Sahib Singh Ji. Baba Sahib Singh Ji always played a vital role and participated wherever possible until their last breaths enjoyed the bliss of being one with Waheguru.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!