Baba Khuda Singh Ji, Lahore

Baba Khuda Singh Ji (Originally known as Baba Jaswant Singh) were born in the household of Bhai Natha Singh and Mata Sukhdevi ji at village Siyamgarh, near Kurukshetra. Baba Khuda Singh ji was married to Bibi Chand kaur ji in his younger age.Baba Jaswant Singh served as a Police Sub-Inspector (Thaanedar) at Kurrhi for many years. Baba Khuda Singh Ji met with Baba Bir Singh Ji , when Baba bir Singh ji come to Kurukshetra for Dharam Prchaar. Baba Khuda Singh Ji left the duty of Police and went to Naurangabad with the whole family. In Naurangabad, you did ‘Nishkaam Sewa’ for many years.

With the permission of Baba Bir Singh ji Naurangabad wale , Baba Khuda Singh ji did ‘Sikhi Dharam Parchar’ at Sarhadi Ilaake( Border Area), Kabul, Kandhaar, Gajhni , Balkh-Bukhaare. In the front of Shahi Masjid , Baba Khuda Singh Made a Historical Conversation with Maulwis & Rich Kabul .

The Conversation was : Baba Khuda Singh ji arrived Kabul and Stood in front of Royal Mosque(Shahi Masjid).In the Meantime, a Pathan Informed Shah Kabul that ,” Three saints are standing in front of the royal mosque. hajom thinks that they are anti-islam. so he want to kill them. Not the right thing to hurt someone for no reason. You must do something to save them.”  Baadshah was a kind man. He said the commander, “to send a military contingent to protect the Saints.” The king and the army reached the saints. King said in a very respectful tone to Baba khuda singh ji ,” O Sir, Who are you? Please give your introduction. ” then Baba ji replied him ” I am Khuda ( God ) .” King ,” How can you have God? He is creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority . “